How to Achieve Real Insomnia Relief Without Medications

Even if it is only occasional insomnia can really disrupt the quality of your everyday life and if insomnia becomes a chronic thing it can really cause havoc. Rather than ignoring the problem though seeking some kind of insomnia relief is a good idea.

Insomnia Relief – Determining Why You Can’t Sleep

If you only have a problem sleeping occasionally then the actual cause may be hard to pin down. If the problem becomes chronic though before you can begin seeking insomnia relief methods you really do need to pin down just what it might be that is keeping you up at night. At this point, a visit to your doctor may be in order in to make sure there is no physical cause for your insomnia – sleep apnea for example. Your doctor may order a sleep study to determine this.

In most cases, though the cause of chronic insomnia is not related to a physical ailment but to an emotional issue instead or even just to certain bad habits. Stress and worry are big causes of insomnia and some people even compound that by having a couple of alcoholic drinks too close to bedtime to unwind unaware of the fact that although alcohol can make you feel sleepy after that effect wears off it can then keep you up for the rest of the night!

Poor bedtime habits can be a cause of insomnia as well. Eating a big meal to close to bedtime or drinking too much caffeine can keep you awake and even watching TV at night can keep you up.

Insomnia Relief – Things to Try

More than a few people turn to over the counter medications to get some form of insomnia relief but that really is not the right answer for chronic insomnia problems. These medications are easy to build up a tolerance to, can be somewhat addictive and they also often leave you feeling groggy and disoriented in the morning rather than awake and refreshed.

You may be able to get a good measure of insomnia relief just by establishing a proper bedtime and a proper bedtime routine. Try to turn off the TV or the computer at least a half hour before you intend to go to bed and indulge in a more relaxing activity instead like listening to calming music, taking a warm bath or even just drinking a glass or warm milk.

Over the counter sleep aids – which are easily available online – may help as well. There are a number of different options – actually everything from anti-snoring devices to sleep pillows and sleep masks to special sleep humidifiers – that many people find to be very effective.

Insomnia Relief Mistakes

There are some things that people try for insomnia relief that actually can end up making the problem worse. Napping for instance may help you catch up on a little bit of lost sleep but it will do little for your chances of getting a great night’s sleep in the evening.

Some people also think that if they try to going to bed far earlier than they usually do that might provide insomnia relief. That rarely works either though and simply means you lie in bed longer and get even more frustrated. A better idea is to establish a bedtime and stick to it as far as you possibly can, on weekdays at the very least.

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