Insomnia Cures at Home – Simple Tricks to Try

It’s a horrible way to spend the night – lying awake in bed doing “time maths” that is trying to work out just how many hours of sleep you might get if only you could just fall asleep right now – except that you can’t and that clock is ticking closer and closer to getting up time.

Occasional insomnia is pretty common and not necessarily a sign of anything more than you have been overdoing things a little lately or are stressed and worried about something. If your insomnia is chronic you may want to consult with your doctor but if you only occasionally have trouble getting to sleep there are some effective insomnia cures you can try at home

Insomnia Cures at Home – A Bit of Reverse Psychology

Sometimes all it takes to combat a sleepless night is a bit of reverse psychology. Instead of filling your mind with those “I must sleep now” thoughts that can in themselves become so stressful try focusing your mind on staying awake. Not by watching TV or anything but just in your own head. many people often find that this little trick works very well and that before they know it the alarm is going off and they wake up rested after a good night’s sleep!


Insomnia Cures at Home – Get Rid of the Stimulants

Watching TV in bed or making one last check on your Facebook page before you go to sleep is counterproductive when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. It may be quite hard to do but you should get away from these kinds of stimulants at least a half hour before you go to bed and let your mind relax rather than having to focus on what David Letterman is saying.

Insomnia Cures at Home – OTC Sleep Aids are Not the Answer

Because you can find them in almost any convenience or grocery store these days many people fall into the trap of using an over the counter sleep aid to knock them out for the night. These drugs are actually called hypnotics and most of them use the same ingredient as is in some cold medicines to artificially induce sleep.

The trouble is that these drugs can be rather addictive and getting to sleep without them can become impossible after a while. People also often wake up feeling groggy and disoriented after taking them instead of nice and refreshed.

If you really want to try a sleep aid opt for one of the natural herbal sleep aids you can now find online rather easily and affordably. Anti-snoring strips, anti-snoring mouthpieces, nose clips, earplugs, sleep masks and more are all safe and inexpensive and lots of people do find that they really help.

Insomnia Cures at Home – Indulge in a Sweet Bedtime Snack

No one is suggesting you have a big meal to close to bedtime – that can actually keep you awake – but a small, sweet snack like a cookie can very often help you sleep a little better, especially if you pair it up with another old bedtime standby – a nice glass of warm milk.

These are just a few suggestions, there are many more home remedies you can try in order to combat insomnia and get a better night’s sleep. The key to success though is actually doing something about your insomnia – rather than just lying there watching the clock


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