OTC Sleeping Pills or Natural Relief for Insomnia - Which Really Works Best?

There are lots of different potential causes of insomnia and there are just as many suggested forms of relief. Often the first thing that people turn to when sleep becomes hard to come by is an over the counter sleeping pill. But is that really a good choice or would they perhaps be better off seeking natural relief for insomnia instead?

Common Problems With Over the Counter Sleep Remedies

The idea of a pill that can bring an instant end to insomnia is a very appealing one to those who have been struggling to get enough sleep. Why bother chasing up information about natural relief of insomnia when all you really have to do is swallow a pill about an hour before you go to bed.?

As good as all the promises made on the boxes that contain those OTC sleep medications sound it is simply not that easy. There are a lot of concerns in the medical profession and out of it about the problems that can come along with taking an OTC sleep aid. Some of these include:

  • Side effects - The side effects associated with many OTC sleep meds can be worse than the actual lack of sleep as they commonly include dry mouth, nausea, dizziness and “next day’ confusion. 
  • Dependence - All OTC sleep aids state that they are designed for short-term use only but that is rarely the way that a chronic insomniac will use them. Instead, they become a part of their nightly routine and often a person can quickly become dependant on these aids to sleep, with the ability to fall asleep naturally as far out of reach as ever. 
  • Tolerance - There are those whose bodies quickly build up a tolerance to the sleep-inducing chemicals in OTC sleep aids and as a result, they take more than the stated dosage in order to get some rest. Doing so will magnify the side effects though and can cause some serious health problems. 
  • Creating a Real Problem - Insomnia is not really an illness or disease itself but a symptom of something else. By taking pills to sleep, people mask their problems, something that can be very dangerous. 
Are There Really Ways to Find Natural Relief from Insomnia?

There are a great many ways you can find natural relief from insomnia. Often all it takes are some simple lifestyle changes, cleaning up what doctors call your sleep hygiene. This can include reducing your daily caffeine intake, not eating a heavy meal later in the evening and avoiding alcohol too close to bedtime.

Natural sleep aids are effective for many people. Sleep masks, earplugs, acupressure, aromatherapy and just sleeping with a better pillow can all help. And if snoring and/or nasal congestion are the real culprits behind your insomnia there are some great anti-snoring devices available as well.

Occasional insomnia is something that affects most people. If your insomnia is chronic though, the first best step you can take is to visit your doctor. the field of sleep medicine has made great advances over the last decade or so and most doctors are realizing that simply prescribing medications is really not a good answer.

Together you and your doctor should be able to come up with a plan to help you find natural relief for insomnia before you have to resort to chemical aids.

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