Super Sleep Trivia ... Brought to you By Science

Up until about 35 years ago, sleep was not something that 'serious' science paid a great deal of attention to. However, all that has changed, and now sleep science is a big deal. And the more they learn about it the more researchers uncover some pretty fascinating facts and offer increasingly interesting theories at the same time. This is a look at of some of the sleep trivia that really piqued our interest recently (and you know we are all about sleep)

12% of the population dream in black and white

This figure is, scientists believe, relatively new. Before colour television became popular it's thought that only 15% of the population dreamed in colour. It's for this reason, it's thought, that the majority of those who do dream in black and white are older people, those who can remember a time before big screens TVs and their splashy colour displays were everywhere.

Two-thirds of a cat’s life is spent asleep

Most cat owners actually don't need a scientist or research study to tell them this. Almost anything makes a great bed for a cat, as far as they are concerned, but why is it that they seem to like the chair you were intending to sit on or your computer keyboard (when you are trying to work) the best of all? The boffins have yet to figure that one out.

Humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping

This obviously differs depending on the age of the human, but on average it’s around a third, which is quite a lot when you think about it. However, if you suffer from insomnia it may seem like getting any sleep is something of a small miracle, and we're sure it's hard to imagine ever getting the 'average' amount of sleep. We do have some great products that can help you try to reach that goal though. Check them out after you are done here.

Dysania is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning

We’ve all no doubt found it tricky getting out of bed every now and again, but those suffering from Dysania find it particularly difficult. It is, medical experts say, most likely to be a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And Parasomnia is a term that refers to unnatural movements during your sleep

Some people have even committed crimes due to parasomnia, including accidents while 'sleep driving' and even murder. Who knows? Maybe the likes of Michael Myers and Freddie Kruger just had trouble sleeping and weren't horrifying monster killers after all.

Within five minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is forgotten

After an additional 5 minutes, 90% of recollection is gone. Sigmund Freud believed this was because dreams represented our repressed thoughts and so our brain wants to get rid of them quickly. However, it’s much more likely due to our brains simply being used much more as soon as we’re awake and so we forget much of what we’ve dreamed about.

The sensation of falling when half asleep and jerking yourself awake is called ‘hypnic jerks’

This is something that scientists have not quite figured out yet, but they think they are perfectly healthy. Some think, however, that too much caffeine before bed - or too much physical activity - may make them worse.

High earners (£65 – £75,000) get the best sleep

This comes from a report by The Sleep Council. However, again, we maybe didn't need science to tell us this. If you don't have to worry so much about how you are paying rent next month, or can afford that extra fortnight's holiday every year then it seems like simple common sense that you'll probably sleep better!

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